Episode 3: 

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

Episode 4:
Maintenance Day

Episode 6:
And the Winner is ...

Episode 5:

Death Imitates Art



Episode 1:

Welcome to the Frying Pan

Episode 2:

Double Trouble

The Frying Pan Theater gets a new Managing Director, Dr. Leona Butts, whose introduction to the company includes malfunctioning elevators, life-and-death grant applications, and prostitutes plying their trade in the men’s room.  Will she stay,

or run for the hills?  

Todd is giddy with glee about the reading directed by hotshot Roger Bowler until Digby realizes they've double-booked the same theater with a sold-out performance of Solomon's Gift!   Will Frank's unconventional solution be a success - or just leave them all out in the hall?  

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Will an outbreak of bedbugs at the theater ruin the Frying Pan's chances of getting much-needed funding? The gang is panicking as NEA rep Chalice Dmitriev arrives to see their production of The Acorn Weevil.  Good thing Digby is willing to do anything to put these bugs to bed for good. Or is it?

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While giving a lesson in circular saw safety, Frank slices his leg open (!), leaving newbie member (and young hottie!) Brian in charge of painting the stage before that night's performance of The Servant Gone Astray.  If only Brian hadn't used an oil-based paint, which takes forever to dry and leaves poor Margaret literally stuck center stage.

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They say a bad dress rehearsal means a good show.  Unfortunately, the bad dress for the Frying Pan's latest play, Mortality, only gets worse when Frank and Leona discover Mark, the play’s writer and lead actor, dead in the lobby. Mark's actual memorial service shares a striking (almost disturbing) resemblance to the fictional one.

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Max, the Frying Pan’s most prolific playwright (and Todd's biggest rival), is nominated for a prestigious @ Award.  Days before the ceremony, Todd and Max have it out and Max quits the company in a huff.  So of course it's no surprise when Max wins … if only he wasn't trapped in the men's room with Todd when they announce his name.

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